Amber Folkman

Amber Folkman is the Manager of School Relationships and Impact for the SARSEF team. She loves engaging with SARSEF’s young learners by facilitating science and engineering-based workshops which lay a foundation for a scientific mindset of lifelong learners.

Amber brings a global and multi-cultural experience to her work at SARSEF. Her education career began with a bachelor’s degree in special education from a small university in Hawaii and continued for the next decade teaching in Washington, Utah, Manila, Philippines, Texas, and now Arizona. While in Manila, she taught at Korean International School of the Philippines and International School Manila, which represented over 52 countries. She was involved in several dignified outreach programs to create equitable support for mothers and children in economically disadvantaged urban communities. Amber also ran a social media company to support place attachment, a concept in environmental psychology that defines a relationship between a person and a place. Her work helped foreign and local community members love where they live. Since relocating to Arizona in 2021 she has found her home in STEM education and bringing opportunity to all. Amber has a firm belief that young people have the power and ability to make their world a better place now.